Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It's only the beginning

After some serious hiccups because of a major ear infection we are back on track. We have been using various apps on the ipad while he is doing his therapy trying to focus on the things that he needs such as fine motor skills, at the same time trying not to break the rules of therapy a fine line to walk.

Not sure about what your child is like but our son was supposed to at the start of Kindy which was when he was 3.5 be able to put his shoes and socks on independently. Shoes were not so much of a hassle as he has the velcro style and he can manage that well. Since doing another week or therapy he has mastered putting on his socks and he is very happy with himself, he is now 5. Also he picked out some clothes for himself this morning, that never seems to happen we always struggled with that and they actually matched.

To increase my knowledge of sensory issues I have been listening to a online podcast from Sensory Nanny which I have downloaded in itunes and listen to every now and again. From listening to the suggestions and ideas it gives me something to think about such as we have a daily routine for our kids but do we regularly schedule in play and movement, these are important to not just the jobs/tasks or the therapy that our children need to do. What Kim pointed out is that we think we don't have time for play or the movement but with sensory children it can actually make our jobs as parents easier, who doesn't want that?

This is all very new and I know that these strategies can actually help children who don't have any special needs and common sense wisdom often can be applied across all situations.

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