Sunday, August 21, 2011

A blast from the past

So this week we did another cd and was still enjoying the success of last week. We have been told that each cd can have a good or bad effect on their behaviour. This week we struck the bad effect, all of a sudden the organisational skills went out the window it was replaced by a child who was 40 minutes late for school one day because he simply couldn't concentrate to get dressed. We were also hit with low regulation issues which basically meant he had little or no emotional control. Meaning plenty of tantrums fighting, talking back and not pleasant behaviour.

It is easy to wonder if these things actually do make a difference well this week was a reminder of what he was before he started and we are happy to leave that behind us. It was a frustrating week for all of us and we will be changing over to a new cd soon and hopefully leaving the behaviour behind. Obviously the other thought I need to consider is that, the fact that the cd had such a dramatic effect means that the listening therapy is doing something. We will revisit that cd in the future down the track way down the track. As for obvious reasons there must be something in there that he needs.

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