Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It's the little things that we can miss

This is the third week that we have been implementing the listening therapy. We are starting the see the signs of change. If we weren't observant I think we would miss it completely. Firstly he has learnt to make his bed three days in a row. We have been struggling to get him to school in the mornings and he is following the getting ready for school schedule without any prompting from us and for a first he made himself breakfast the other morning.

On the humerous side he has NOO voice control, which has some funny effects. At school he had to get told to use his indoor voice the first time ever in recorded history, when out and about he is just talking normally and everyone can hear him. Even in therapy his volume change is so noticeable, hoping this will have some moderation at some point. We are going to have to do the temperature technique and see how it goes, just got to get the energy to set it up.

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