Sunday, August 5, 2012

Using idevices for Auditory Processing and Speech Therapy

As a Mum to two boys with speech and hearing issues I am passionate about speech therapy and how to encourage my boys speech development. So with a great tool such as the ipad I am always keen to use this tool to help my boys to develop and practicing any speech skills. Secondly with a son who has possible auditory processing issues, I know he needs to work on apps that deal with instructions and listening. These are the apps that I have found helpful:

Sock Puppets
Play School Art Maker
Toca Boca Tea Party

These particular apps are quite affordable and can be used for a variety of uses, for speech therapy, social skills, emotional regulation. They can be also used for encouraging imaginary play which is also part of speech development. 

Speech Journal

Media apps can be used for a variety of purposes, iMovie can be used to edit movies and to create movies. Speech Journal can be used to take photos that can create a story with an attached audio file. iModeling is a social stories app, this app is great for created video social stories.

Bugs and Buttons
Bugs and Bubbles
Preschool Pencil Pal

Bugs and Buttons and Bugs and Bubbles are delightful little apps that develop many speech therapy skills, including directions, sequences, letters, numbers and coordination. Preschool Pencil Pal is a app from the School Zone collection of apps they are educational and work on many skills including listening to directions, and understanding complex phrases. There are many more apps in the school zone range.

iPads are invaluable tools for developing speech. As a mum to two boys who need help in this area it is such a relief to know that they can play an app that will teach them the skills they are learning in speech therapy. It also helps me by taking away the stress of being supermum and coming up with fantastic ideas to work on speech development.

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  1. I'm always looking for new ways to address auditory processing delays. Thanks!