Monday, July 23, 2012

Understanding a sensory diet and how to create one for your child

Sensory processing in itself is a puzzle, previously I have spoken about how it can be like a cake, if you get the ingredients right it can be great, but if you don't it can be a total disaster, this can be just the same with our children. What is discussed when you have a child with sensory issues is a sensory diet. It sounds like food but it is about our senses, every child has a individual recipe. First of all you need to know what your child's sensory profile is, you can find this out by doing the sensory processing disorder checklist that I have discussed in other posts. From this information you will know in what areas you need to focus and strengthen on. Also I would be observant of the things that your child does that indicate what their sensory needs are examples could include: chewing on everything, fiddling, running, crashing into things, climbing all over the couch, jumping on the bed.

In the next post I will post some photos of what we have been doing at home to work on sensory issues. We are waiting for a parcel in the post with some goodies.  What we already found useful for us 

- giving breaks after school before homework, especially including physical activity

- listening therapy, helps in many ways

- structured activities such as art, colouring in

- audio when going to bed such as music or an audio book

- fidget tools when anxious

- giving opportunities for your child to broach activities that they find difficult in a safe atmosphere can de-sensatize them and help them cope in the future

Ideally it is best to work with your Occupational therapist on this but you can incorporate some simple activities into your day that potentially can make a difference please check out Sensory Smart and their article Sensory Diet Activities for children which lists activities for each sensory area a lot are very simple tasks that we naturally do with kids, that also has a sensory value. If you have any ideas that really work for you, please comment and let us know what makes a difference in your home!

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