Thursday, September 29, 2011

Introducing A4CWSN and the benefits of the iPad

In July this year when we received some funds to assist Josiah with his disability we made the choice to get him a iPad. I had investigated some of the apps and heard of the benefits for non verbal children so I believed it would be a good investment to assist us with his therapy. You are most likely thinking so how will this benefit a child who has sensory processing issues. In a short list here are some of the things that you could use the benefit your child:

- fine motor skills
- writing, drawing
- auditory processing, such as identifying noises, desensitisation

This is just the beginning and there is so much more that your child could use the iPad for to help with their therapy. The reason why I am discussing the iPad and apps today is to introduce A4CWSN. I first discovered A4CWSN when I was searching for some instructional/review videos on itunes about apps and what there was available. I found the podcasts that Gary James were making and then found out about their facebook community.

Since then it has become a great support for me, and I have had a lot of fun along the way. Not only do you get the benefit of knowing what apps are best to purchase, some times you even get the chance to actually win free codes along the way. What more can you want? There is much more so.. this weekened there is a special party called an APP Party so if you have any apple device make sure you get yourself onto the following pages, as there will be reduced prices on apps the whole weekend and code giveaways spread over the whole weekend, so head on over to the following sites (depending on your area)

If you want to check out the website which contains the videos check out these sites:

Please check out my next post as I will be showing what apps I have been using for my son for any of his sensory processing issues.

WATCH THIS SPACE: This is where I will list the apps that are sensory related that are involved in the APP Party. Not to be Missed!

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