Thursday, September 29, 2011

APP review time

Please note the best reviews are by far the ones from A4CWSN and I take these with the most weight. They are narrated well and take you through the app most comprehensively. Unfortunately not all apps have been reviewed by Gary and this is when I use other APP Videos.


So if anyone was going to purchase any app for their child who has SPD. This would be the one that you have to purchase and I totally mean this. This app has some fantastic functions. It has been written by Occupational therapists. The two main parts of this game that I love is the writing component and the crab game. For a lot of kids with SPD writing can be an issue due to lack of fine motor skills in this app they have an opportunity to practice writing, numbers and letters. My son loves this part and will do it over and over again. The most fun part of this app is the crab game, it is a lot of fun, both my boys play it over and over again and it really tests and develops their fine motor skills, coordination and visual tracking.

ABC Pocket Phonics

This app has not been reviewed by A4cwsn as yet but I find it to be just fantastic. What is by far the best feature is the word game. It sounds out letters and then gets the learner to pick the sound unlike other apps it is not just letters it is clusters of letters to help the user to understand the sound such as ai, igh which is really helpful as well as including the letters as normal. It has a cute animation to follow as a reward. I would imagine for kids with SPD and CAPD this would be helpful in training the ear to listen to sounds and for reading. This app begins by letter sounds and writing where the sounds that need practising can be chosen and you are able to practice writing. I love the way it breaks down the sounds in this game into something that makes it easier to understand while still training the ear to listen for each sound and correctly identify it.

Food Fight

For the sensory child who has issues with anything related to food, this app would be totally awesome. Personally I have not used this but I checked out the lite version. I found it well narrated (with a clear aussie accent) and it highlighted the text when read. This app is supporting A4CWSN - Australia and is a app made by a Aussie developer. So please support this home grown app.

Chore Pad HD

ChorePad from on Vimeo.

Please click on this link to access this video on Youtube

One of the most noticeable features I have noticed about SPD is the fact that sometimes they can be slightly disorganised. That is an understatement so this app is fantastic in helping with motivation and on there good days. You can add all types of therapy stuff in there as well as the day to day things they need to do. A good idea is to try and mix in some sensory type activities as part of their daily life to help your child deal with things better.

Home Routines

Unfortunately I couldn't find any video reviews of this app, so please check out their website for further information. The benefit of this app is simple, any child with SPD does or can struggle with visual clutter. So a messy house is kind of an issue and the same goes with their bedroom. As a self confessed struggler in this area I know the benefits of having a tidy house and how it can help but I do struggle in actually accomplishing it. Through another online system I discovered this app and I do love it. You can set routines for just about anything, usually morning, afternoon, bedtime that type of thing. I am using it very soon to set up routines for my son for when I have my next baby as he needs to know what he should be doing and when. He has daily therapy activities that he does. The benefit of this is you can print it up it can be used o the iPad (they can read it) and simple enough for others to use it. Check this one out I can highly recommend it!!!

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