Wednesday, January 16, 2013

An exciting addition to my toolbox

Today I stumbled upon a post of a limited time only reduction of the price of this app, EASE pro. I moved fast and I was rewarded unfortunately the app price reduction wasn't for long. However I thought for those who missed out it might be helpful to see what is available should you decided to purchase this in the future. 

On the left is the main screen you see when you open the app. Just as in the theme of a sound engineer's interface what else would you expect from app designers who specialise in sound engineering apps. First up you see a preset number which you can change which changes the effects of the modulation of the sounds. Below the presets the headphones represents user settings, on the right you can change individual side settings turning down the volume or cancelling the sound. 

Below this row the dial looking button allows you to open the settings. On the right of that is the play and skip buttons. Before playing you need to select the module you will be using. When you press play the time lapsed is showing in the larger screen.

Once you click on the clock dial button it takes you to the control panel screen, from here you can select your modules, find out more information this includes the user guide. In the advanced settings you can set passwords for admin and users. Also you can access user presets which is individual settings for different users which would be really helpful for occupational therapists with more than one client. 

You can also add more modules from this screen, below that you will see the results of the modules that were adding during installation.

Below you will see the screen showing the modules available on the select module screen, the Native module comes with the purchase of the app. Following this you can purchase within the app from my quick research it is a little more expensive from within the app, however as you can see if you go to the Ease listening website and purchase the app modules from there, they are much cheaper. 

Now I have you a quick tour of the app and it's features, I feel I also need to give an introduction of what Ease listening is. So I first was introduced to this therapy type when my son Josiah was exhibited some symptoms because of a clearing of fluid in his ears and we noticed a dramatic difference in how he was reacting to noise and other issues. 

Here is a link for a post "a new exciting sensory processing tool on your idevice" some information when this app was first released with a few links to their websites. When we first started listening therapy or therapeutic listening here is some of the journey that I recorded in this blog firstly "sensory therapy" and further on "progress of sensory therapy" some interesting effects in "it's the little things we miss" and then a month later "it's only the beginning". At this point we really noticed the difference and my son at 5 learnt how to put his socks on, pretty major stuff. For us it really made a difference from a child who was scattered, couldn't put his socks on and various other issues to someone who was much more organised able to do things like make a bed, or follow a routine. 

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