Sunday, November 6, 2011

It's all a bit like baking a cake

Those days when you feel inspired to make a cake, you add all the right ingredients (or so you think) mix it all up, pop it into the oven and wait for it to cook while you (well me) eat the cake mix and sometimes share it with your children if your a good Mummy:). The cake comes out in a variety of conditions, sometimes it is a complete flop hard as a rock, sometimes it is cracked at the top and looking imperfect, sometimes it is beautiful all around and perfect, sometimes it feels like there is a missing ingredient, other times you burn it, under-cook it and it ends up in the bin untasted and unappreciated. This I think is like dealing with a child with special needs especially one with Sensory Processing Issues.

We had the ingredients mixed in completely the right amount of music therapy plenty of physical activity, lots of other activities to do with writing fine motor skills, reading and counting and including soccer. I knew when he started the soccer that this was definitely and integral part of his overall therapeutic process and i hadn't stopped to think about what would happen when the season ended. Consequently our home life is a bit like the cake some days we have complete flops when the cake ends up in the bin, sometimes it is just edible and every now and again we get the mix right and it's ok.

So at the moment we are in the process of preparing for our next baby this includes new routines for the morning, an introduction of a night routine and some other bits and pieces to make life as easy and smooth as possible. To give Josiah as much information and empowerment as we possibly can. The next challenge is to find a new activity for Josiah that will replace the soccer that was so perfect. On the hunt for that new mysterious ingredient that we hope won't kill the cake. The challenge is that we don't know until we have baked the cake if we have chosen correctly :).

Next up I will post the examples of the new routines and other tools we are doing up to make our life a lot easier including Josiah's.

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